Coparazzi says: Bruce Willis still cool

Last week, actor, Bruce Willis, was photographed walking into a store without a mask. I don’t think he was being over defiant, rather than the store was not crowded and he just must have felt, enough! If anyone was around he had his bandana ready to pullup. Sort of like how we all feel. It reminded me of when I met the actor many years ago during the filming of Bonfire of the Vanities. I found him to be personable and just a regular guy. And when he wore his MAGA hat on a talk show, rather cool, no loud declarations, just ‘I’m gonna wear this hat.” So I rather assume Willis was not wearing his mask as not to hurt anyone. He was just being Bruce making a a judgement, which by the way he sincerely apologized for later. Yippy I yaay!

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Coparazzi says: New Book-Beat cop-1986

So here I am again doing marketing and announcing my new book, Beat Cop, by Van Velzer Press. It’s out and I hope whoever reads it will like it of course. It was years in the making and will take many a reader back to the 1980s and a glimpse into the psych of young cops. It is not a detective novel or chasing bad guys adventure. It is simply a year inthe life of young policemen assigned to the NYPD Cpop Unit. Thank you! Available at:

Coparazzi says-Once a hypocrite!

So, channel surfing the other day led me to a crime series of which the subject was Harvey Weinstein. But this is not an article about him, rather his want to be defenders who can no longer defend him. Nothing new here, same subject matter as on any other station as it would be for any subject, repetitive, like Manson or Bundy or Epstein. This one I saw on Sling (True Crime) and at the end the producers try to appear legit by questioning Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks on their undeniable friendship with the disgraced producer. They both agreed there were terrible people in Hollywood capable of fooling everyone. Hanks even stated, that sometimes he heard rumours. All crap. Hanks and Streep are the upper tier of a community where it is no longer whispers. I believe they knew. But here, neither mention , the fooler, by name. Yet Streep goes out of her self righteous way to mention, as usual, our President and Bill O’Reilly. Obviously the producers lost their balls!

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Personal Philosophy

Though I never studied philosophy I have read of the various teachings over the years, which led me to a recent find of the Stoic philosophy, first taught in ancient Rome and Greece. In layman’s terms it simply was designed to help the learned to be more virtuous and kind in life no matter what the world throws at you. It specifies the idea that strength of the mind can help with those invalid emotions first, and to let go of prevous trauma. To realize, what one cannot change, one cannot change. Stoics are known to fight just causes but there is the dillema. Just causes should be what the individual stoic believes is right for him or her, not the teacher. Certainly the teacher should have their own beliefs and ideology, but not in the course of their lecture or writing as it pertains to Stoicism. This, I believe, will turn many potential followers away from trying to find their own peace. I relate this message because in the course of reading and listening to podcasts I have come upon the usual anti-Trump rants which I was hoping to avoid. It seems there is nowhere to escape it. Recently I heard, even in Catholic Mass, some clerics were preaching compassion for the Black Lives Matter movement. Come on, are there any scholars, teachers, or clerics left, with the common sense to just leave it at the door?

Godfather iii Revisited

Since this blog was originally built, partly, for pop culture ,I will post a sort of mind away from troubles of the day post. If you read, The Coparazzi, you will see I had dedicated an entire chapter to all things Godfather. As a Movie-TV Unit cop I was also asigned to the set of Godfather 3 in 1989 on many occasions. Like everyone in movie world I was dissapointed in the third installment, though not as critical as most. Now, in the news I see that Paramount studios, accomadated Francis Coppola in rereleasing Part 3 with saved celluloid, this winter. Director Coppola will edit the entire film with a new beginning and more imprtantly, a new ending. I as a huge fan of the whole Mario Puzo saga am excited to see what was originally planned by both Coppola and Puzo in another manuscript, one maybe they should have used then, if they weren’t rushed by the studio to film the movie. It will be titled, Godfather: Death of Michael Corleone. Yes I am completely disgusted with 99% of the entertainment community. But as far as I know, Pacino and the rest of the cast, are not part of the Hollywood insanity expolding all over the world, with their hateful, appalling behavior, and rediculous Trump hatred, so I could view the flick without judgement. That is if theaters are open in the first place. RIP author Mario Puzo.

Testimonial Truth


So now that the political conventions are behind us, with both parties, cheerleading their candidates, we can clearly see the extreme differences in this most crucial election. It is apparent the decisiveness stems from the left, where its leaders are now so used to fabricating the truth, it comes natural to them. The Trump convention presented an electic group of powerful voices from all communities and they were quicly dismissed by the all consuming left and the Hollywood assines as baseless, Uncle Tom’s, and fraud’s, which in reality the fact checking would favor Republicans not the looney left. Certainly the speakers which included strong minority and patriotic voices, did indeed matter. The truths of these very real men and women, in the final anaylasis, of all denominations, were testimonials that are rising from all over America, be it on television or the silent majority. One such woman is a friend of mine who wrote a truly convincing piece and pitched it to the Times. She is a caring independent voice resounding from her Bronx neighborhood and speaking for the people she cares deeply about. The New York Times, of couse would not even dignify the prose with a polite refusal. Here is my friends articulate article!

 To Whom It May Concern: 

Please stop the lies! Guess what? The general public is not stupid. The peaceful protesters are anarchists. We are well aware of the takeover and your involvement. Trump did everything he could to fight the virus despite Nancy Pelosi’s screams of xenophobia. Yes, he was skeptical in the beginning, but so were Boris, Sergio, and Pedro. Also, there are so many minorities that are voting for Trump. We are not fools and certainly not blinded by the word “racist” you love to overuse. We know about Joe Biden’s shift to the far left and his association with communists AOC and Bernie Sanders. We will no longer be manipulated by the likes of you who prefer to lie to us rather than give us real news. Did you think we would never see the battles in Portland and Seattle? The media and Democrats are responsible for the deaths of so many of our people that live in crime- ridden areas. All of you have the blood of all the families lost to gun violence on your hands, and we know it! Our people are just collateral damage in your quest to remove your arch-nemesis from office. Furthermore, Biden is a sick man, why was he chosen to run on the Democratic ticket? Why not Bloomberg? 

 What are we fools? Do you think we don’t watch different media outlets? Most of us come from mixed families, with different political views. So please get rid of the commie that’s running the newspaper, and go back to your roots. You remember the NY Times that the general public revered and admired for their integrity. Joe Biden better quit because he is about to feel the wrath of the silent majority, and Michelle Obama will not help his cause. It’s quite obvious that’s who he is choosing for a running mate. Why else would Obama feel so comfortable giving that divisive political speech at a funeral? That was disgraceful, and it was painful to watch such a dignified man fall to such levels of desperation. One last thing, if America were still a republic and the people did have a say in government, most of us would be happy to see the Squad, Bernie, and the communist running your tabloid go down for treason. Also, earth to Obama, Trump supporters are not white nationalist and racist so that he can stop with that ridiculous narrative He can add minorities from the inner cities to the list of Trump supporters. The Democrats might have well campaigned for Trump. Who would vote blue after all of their lies destruction and random lockdowns? Andrew Cuomo put the nail in the coffin when he canceled the 911 Memorial service and gave the MTV awards the greenlight President Trump should send him a gift basket for turning New York red. 

Sincerely, A Puerto Rican/African American from the Bronx. 


Political Talk


I usually never talk much about politics, but in a season of political insanity I wish to make some comments. I dont argue my points, its not that important to lose friends or even potential friends. No offense to anyone.

The Democratics running for President are ass wipes to political correctness, and intentionally so, especially Booker and extreme leftists, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Come on, Joe Biden is not a racist….

Not at all a Chuck Todd fan, but kudos to him for denouncing moronic AOC’s comments envoking the concentration camps. Man, is she capitalizing on her 15minutes!!!

MSNBC,CNN, and all the Democratic candidates are putting legitimate comedy shows and specials out of buisness. Their constant tirades against Trump and their need to blantanly go with the same script, is hilarious. Just the confused sad looks on their faces is worth the price of admission!!!

Marianne Williamson-now forgetting her politics, wich I wasn’t originally aware of, I, just on the basis that she is a fine writer, did admire her. After hearing her AOC like comments on concentration camps I realize she is just another loon!!!

The leftist news stations swear they are fair, which is absolute bullshit, how they give legitamacy to the likes of AOC and the other reverse racists is just rediculously unreal!

The Cuomo brothers remind me of dumb and dumber only with delirium!


A Research Vacation


As I wait till my next book, CPOP, finishes editing and comes out, I have decided that with the following book I will travel for my research, since much of the subject matter I do not know about in depth. I have had many phone conversations in regards but Im going to lift off and make my way around such probable places like my second home Florida, Costa Rica, Columbia and Panama. Possible places would be Nicaragua, Spain, Cuba and California. So we will see where the summer takes me……LOL but after this past and very trying winter, and an OK to travel from my doctor, I of course wish to extend the research to include plenty of vacationing. !!!                                                         Thx…

Ostomy Surgery

UOAAlogofinal2.pngI just put up on linkden, my article, ‘Faith Bag,’ surprised by Ostomy Surgery. I have come to know about this illness well and became aware that over 100,000 people a year in the US  suffer from a stomach problem which leads to stoma surgery. Many of these patients are taken quite by surprise and are in a panic and depression as their lifestyle must change. If you believe in any charities and if you know someone who has been afflicted by a stoma disease please consider giving to

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