“Hey,your’e a Queens Marine.” That is what the NYPD cops who worked in high crime areas would refer to their Eastern Borough counterparts. A playful dig that meant a Queens patrolman had it much easier than lets say,working in Bed. Stuy. Still these brethen did in fact know that it can happen anytime, anywhere. March,24th of this year, one Jarrell Davis,33 years old, naked from the waist down and empty of brain capacity,rammed his SUV into parked cars in front of the 111pct in Bayside Queens. He proceeded to set his car on fire and succeeding in creating fireball number one.He decided to douse a police vehicle with a flammable fluid to excite another blaze of destruction. Thankfully he failed. Policemen from the 111pct started spilling on to the sidewalk in which two young heroic cops approached this madman. Jerrell Davis armed with a twelve inch knife lunged, with a crazed look, towards the officers. What could these guys have said. These probably frightened but brave, very brave souls, “Hey, put the knife down! We are police and we are warning you…” Again admist a conudrum of stress, the sidewalks filling with onlookers, thee two patrolmen were not only heroic but acurate enough to purposely wound the perp, not kill him. Can anyone imagine being a cop in that moment? Facing the worst. How about you left wing nuts? Think about the bloody damage and death that could have happened if not for the NYPD. A fiery sort of violence on a quiet Queens street, averted by the NYPD…God Bless!!!




I finally saw Woody Allen’s JASMINE. Cate Blanchett is the reason to see this flick. She is simply superb and worthy of the Oscar she recieved for her work as the flawed and sympathetic character, Jasmine. Her role is familiar with that of the Vivien Leigh character in a Street Car Named Desire. Women on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Ms. Leigh also won the Oscar. Even a misoginast’s heart strings can be pulled by Blanchett’s portrayal of a woman who seemingly has it all and then transforms into the unstable and pathetic Jasmine, who heaps upon the audience for sympathy.
Extra credit goes to Andrew Dice Clay for his honest depiction of the brutish but sentimental brother-in-law of Jasmine. A far cry from Ford Fairlane.

A fine thought

So I guess if I had to relay a fine thought it would have to be-REMEMBER WHEN YOU BECOME HUMBLED. Humbling comes in two forms I believe. Physical and/or mental trauma that makes one realize what is truly important. I’m no tough guy and yet Ive witnessed the toughest of men be brought to their knees. The important thing, and I don’t even know if it will hold true with me, is to remember. It’s easy to forget our trouble once we are once again feeling good. Try, even pray, that the memory of an illness which made you question your mortality or your relationships, will endure you to at least make very attempt to do the righ thing moving forward. Trust in yourself and the ones you love. Forgive a little, love a little more, GIve more, and live alot more. Especially at certain ages like 50 0r 60 or higher. No longer should you feel the need to do what doesnt need to be done, to please who dont need to be pleased, to live guilty or remorseful. OK now Im a sermon-lol- simply just remember what got you thinking in the first place……….

The Hollywood Godfather

0-2.jpegThis past Thursday I went to the Gianni Russo book signing in Huntington. I went with my friend Steve which is always nostalgic particulary because we shared many movie moments together when we were in the NYPD Movie Unit. Gianni Russo, who played Carlo Rizzi in The Godfather movies was quite the colorful character as he regaled , without censorship, his tales of the old days with gangsters and movie celebrities, especially Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra. When he signed our books I told him I would try to adhere to his last line in his book which pertained to following ones dream. A really cool night at he book revue!The Hollywood Godfather and The Coparazzi

Still The Coparazzi

Update at Writers Conference-I am still The Coparazzi-lol Larry Holmes was really a gentleman talking to everyone, laughing and even invited us to hang at the bar with him…”Where ya goin,” he said. I would have even skipped the scheduled workshop and had some laughs with him but I couldn’t as I am on the wagon and still recovering from surgery, would have liked to though. I wished him good health and a long life….


I’m at the Lehigh Valley PA Writers conference with my friends the Coles’. My first time and though I do know much about the process it is still a worthwhile learning experience. In life we could always learn something new and for me picking up any pointer about writing and its venture is valuable.Kudos to the staff and volunteers who worked very hard to put this event together….

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